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Anar Murphy and A(llison) Whittenberg sign with TZLA

We are happy to inform you all that TZLA is now representing Anar Murphy and A(llison) Whittenberg.

Anar Murphy is a Developmental Editor in a scientific publishing industry. Back in the days, she was a research scientist, who studied how human cancers are formed and treated. She is the author of a doctoral thesis, several peer-reviewed papers, numerous news updates and journal editorials, and a full feature article in “Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News”. Once a scientist always a scientist, she brings her scientific knowledge to her science fiction writing, overlaying hard science, bioethics and other issues with human stories, love included, to make them personal and relatable. Her goal is to help the reader not only to cogitate about how technology will drive the progress, but also to feel its effects on him or her as an individual. In her free time, which is almost as extinct as the dinosaurs, she is a wife and a mom, who enjoys doing fun stuff with her family, like traveling, reading, watching sci-fi and comic book based movies, gossiping with her daughter about middle school, and enjoying good food anywhere they can find it.

A(llison) Whittenberg is a Philadelphia native who has a global perspective. If she wasn’t an author she’d be a private detective or a jazz singer. She loves reading about history and true crime. Her other novels include Sweet Thang, Hollywood and Maine, Life is Fine, Tutored and The Sane Asylum.

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