TZLA is a full-service literary and film agency based in Italy. We represent writers, publishers and literary agencies. Resourceful, accurate, and reliable, we have an international focus, and we are constantly looking for new talented writers worldwide.
TZLA was founded by Rossano Trentin and Massimiliano Zantedeschi in 2005.
Our agency represents Italian and foreign writers, working closely with them at all stages of their careers and providing a wide range of services, including the promotion of the titles throughout the publishing industry, negotiating initial and subsequent contracts for the titles, and managing the titles’ sales, translations, and adaptation rights.
We are also proud to work with a selected list of prestigious foreign publishers and well-known literary agencies, offering their catalogs in the Italian and international market.


Davide Bosello
Isidora Brown
Eleonora Carta
Marta Ceroni
Maria Clavarino
Heather Curley
Enzo D’Andrea
Kate Everson
Richard Fellinger
Raffaella Fenoglio
Fiorenza Fill
Patricia Friedrich
Iuri Gaudi
Mattia Giuramento
E. Graziani
Rebecca Hamilton
Rainy Kaye
Conner Kressley
Carole Lanham
Lucio Leone
Britney Lewis
Nicole Londino
Marie Long
Hina Malik
Chiara Mastria
Alessio Mazzolotti
Sara Mengo
Anar Murphy
Corrado Peli
Paola Ravani
M.H. Reardon
Christopher X. Ryan
Emiliano Scalia
Tessa Shaffer
Anthony Valerio
A(llison) Whittenberg
Timothy Williams

Foreign Publishers Represented in Italy

Alma Littera (Lithuania)
HarperCollins Australia (Australia)
Editorial Oceano (Spain)
Quirk Books (USA)


Book/lab Literary Agency (Poland)
Agencia Literaria Silvia Bastos (Spain)
Edito Dialog Literary Agency (France)
Kalem Agency (Turkey)
Michael Meller Literary Agency (Germany)
Japan UNI Agency (Japan)


TZLA accepts email queries for works written in English. We are constantly looking for the best commercial/literary fiction and popular non-fiction.
We are currently accepting manuscript submissions for the following genres: mystery & thriller, high-concept women’s fiction, contemporary YA, science fiction, historical.

Please email a cover letter to this address: rights@tzla.it and provide a two-three pages synopsis, with ending, along with the first two chapters of your novel. Copy and paste letter, synopsis and chapters in the email body, as we won’t open unsolicited attachments. To avoid falling into spam, please begin the subject line with the word “Query”.
Please don’t query if you haven’t finished your novel yet, be sure to include genre and word count in your letter, and let us know if you are sending your proposal to other agencies or publishers.Unfortunately, we can’t respond personally to all submissions, but if we are interested in your work we will certainly follow up by email within 8 weeks.For direct queries to the agents, please refer also to their MSWL pages:
Rossano Trentin
Massimiliano Zantedeschi

Our email address is: info@tzla.it. Please send documents to one of the following addresses:

c/o Rossano Trentin
Via Monte Verena 11
Piovene Rocchette 36013 Vicenza

c/o Massimiliano Zantedeschi
Via Francesco da Levanto 14
37138 Verona

Please do not send queries by mail, we prefer electronic submissions. You will find information on how to submit your works in this page. Please do not send artwork, photos or other materials if not requested.

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